4iG Activities

  • Project management and professional quality assurance (ICT)
  • Designing and developing platform-independent customized software
  • Operating database and application servers (Oracle, Java)
  • Implementing and operating Oracle ERP and CMS systems
  • Oracle ERP and CMS system-related development
  • Implementing and operating ECM solutions (Microsoft, Oracle, Opensource)
  • Developing customized document and management systems
  • Development and sale of document management systems (Contentum eRecord)
  • Professional document management consultancy

The Application Development Division of 4iG is responsible for custom software planning and development, the development of document management and administration systems, the continuous development and support related to the document management system for the public administration sector (Contentum) and expert advice in development and document management.

We have planned and developed systems based on Oracle and Java technology, among others, for the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary, the Hungarian National Police Headquarters and the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, and we have been providing continuous maintenance and system support services ever since. In 2014, the team of the 4iG Application Development Division participated in the planning and development of the National Environmental Protection System of the Ministry of Agriculture, in which project the prime contractor was HumanSoft.

Microsoft, PHP and Javascript based custom application development projects have recently become part of our activities, besides Oracle and Java based developments. During 2013 and 2014, we delivered custom-developed applications based on Microsoft SQL database and made in .NET framework to Magyar Posta Plc..; and in 2015 we began developments integrated by IBM software products at the General Directorate of Water Management in the project “Setting up a regional water management, geoinformatics and monitoring centre”.

The Division also deals with the development and support of document management systems (KIR, KIR2, Contentum), which have a history of 15 years and were designed for the public administration sector. The first certificated document management system, Concentum is used by, among others, municipalities (11th District of Budapest, Marcali), central public administrative bodies (Prime Minister’s Office, Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology, Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority) and educational institutes (Eötvös Loránd University).

Inside the 4iG company group, the supplier of Oracle based ERP solutions is the ERP Oracle Division. For the MÁV company group, who has been our major client in the last 10 years, we implemented several successful projects in the fields of ERP and business intelligence, as well as in railways-related technical fields. Between 2008 and 2011, we participated in the implementation of the Central Human Resources System for the Government Centre for Human Resources and Public Administration Training with the use of Oracle R12 HRMS, and we implemented the VPOP HR system for 7200 persons.

In 2015, the ERP Oracle Division won the tender of MNB Security Services Plc. to introduce the Oracle based ERP financial and accounting system, which yields, in addition to the chance of learning about a new professional activity, further opportunities in customer relationship and in the implementation of complex solutions.

Many of our customers have been using the 4iG Petty Cash module integrated by Oracle EBS module with satisfaction for years.

4iG is currently a qualified Gold partner of Oracle. In the financial year of 2005, our company won the ORACLE APPLICATIONS SPECIAL AWARD. In the financial year of 2007, it won the qualification of “Partner with the Largest License Turnover” in the fields of application, as well as of technology.

The Division cooperates with Axis Rendszerház within the Company Group in the integration of Cognos products represented by it and Oracle EBS systems and in the implementation of complex solutions to be implemented in the field of business intelligence.

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