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Financial Calendar


Financial calendar

4iG Plc. (4iG⁣”), in accordance with Section 18.3. of Book Two (Regulations on Listing and Continued Trading) of the General Terms of Service of the Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd., discloses below the 4iG’s corporate action timetable for year 2024.

Financial calendar 2024

Expected date Event
29 February 2024 Release of fourth quarter 2023 results
28 March 2024 Publication of Annual General Meeting invitation
8 April 2024 Publication of Annual General Meeting proposals and draft resolutions
29 April 2024 Holding of the Annual General Meeting
29 April 2024 Publication of Annual General Meeting resolutions
29 April 2024 Publication of annual standalone and consolidated IFRS Financial Statements for 2023
29 April 2024 Corporate Governance Report (2023)
29 April 2024 Disclosure by institutions (2023)
30 April 2024 Holding an analyst briefing open to the press
31 May 2024 Release of first quarter 2024 results
30 August 2024 Publication of half year 2024 consolidated IFRS Financial Statements
29 November 2024 Release of third quarter 2024 results

All dates in the table may be subject to change.

For further information, please contact with our investor contact.

Budapest, December 21st 2023

4iG Plc.