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Learn more from our colleagues about why it is good to work at 4iG!

Regyep György

György Regyep - Junior Security Expert

I began my career at 4iG as an undergraduate engineering trainee, leading through a development engineer internship to a full-time junior IT security systems engineer and then to an IT security expert. Over the years, I have gained a wealth of experience and professional knowledge and can also be a member of a great team. One of the highlights of my career so far has been my presentation at the ITBN conference, which was a great honor for me. 4iG places great emphasis on continuous training, within the framework of which I won a scholarship program for young people in 2019 for a period of one year. 4iG is not just a job for me. I am an active member of the corporate running and football team. Where I can take my role out of community life, since we really are a family!

Tímea Gyebnár - Automation Expert

From the very beginning of the interview process, the company was very sympathetic through first impressions. My intuitions were confirmed, over the years I was always treated as an equal partner, I was given the opportunity for development and renewal, I could prove it in several jobs.
I was able to try myself as a trusted HelpDesk manager and then as an operations manager for almost 5 years I was responsible for managing the technical administration. During this time, I gained a comprehensive picture of the business administration processes, systems used, and the most common problems within the company.
I am currently looking for a solution to these problems by designing and developing automation solutions. In recent years, I have worked with many excellent colleagues with serious expertise. This stability and that I can work with people who motivate me and who I can constantly learn from is very important to me.

Gyebnár Tímea
Csepregi Ádám

Ádám Csepregi - Program Manager

I started my professional career as a junior project manager a few years ago at 4iG. Already in the first days I saw that I was joined by a very familiar team with a wide range of professional competence, to whom I can feel free to turn for professional advice and support at any time, but they are also open to friendly conversations. The friendly atmosphere is typical of the project management and the whole organization.
Thanks to the support and ability of my immediate supervisor, my mentor, I was able to leave the junior title in a few months, and today I specialize in health projects.
As a project manager and later as a program manager, I work closely with fellow departments, so in this role I could easily get to know the entire organization from the back office department, through commerce, to the operations business.

Anikó Soós - Tender Office Manager

I arrived at the company in a tender manager position in 2011. In 2015, the Tender Office was created to effectively serve the increased number of offers and the whole company group and all business units. I was given the possibility to be the head of the Tender Office. My task in connection with public procurement procedures is to carry out the full range of bids, to manage the staff of the Tender Office, and to coordinate the work processes.
With the support of 4iG, we regularly participate in trainings and conferences related to public procurement.
The “one for all, all for one” approach has created a really pleasant environment and I am very proud to have been able to contribute to it.

Soós Anikó
Hugyik Henrietta

Henrietta Hugyik - Software Tester

I work as a full-time software tester in the Szeged office of 4iG, and before that I was an intern for almost a year. I received a well-built internship program in which colleagues followed and supported my development throughout, both professionally and humanly.
In addition to the helpfulness, I experienced from the very first moment the competence and attention of the management as well as the effective teamwork.
I have developed a lot thanks to the company, not only in my field of responsibility, but also in other areas, e.g. I polished my English language skills in company English classes.