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4iG to start paying dividends at the end of July


Press release


The dividend payment date of 4iG Plc will be 19 July, with the company starting the payment on 26 July, according to a decision of the Board of Directors published today. In line with the decision, the company will pay a dividend of HUF 22.49 per share, which corresponds to a yield of 3.5 percent compared to last Friday’s closing price.

4iG Plc will start paying the HUF 2.212 billion dividend declared on the back of its record results for 2020 from 26 July, the company’s Board of Directors announced on the Budapest Stock Exchange. According to the decision of the Board of Directors, the dividend payment date will be 19 July: dividends will be paid to those who hold ordinary shares of the company on this date and provide the necessary information and declarations for the payment through their investment service provider.

According to the board’s decision, taking into account the volume of treasury shares, shareholders will receive a dividend of HUF 22.49 per share, which corresponds to a yield of 3.5 percent on the closing price of the shares on Friday.

The Board of Directors of 4iG, acting within the powers of the General Meeting, decided on the dividend payment in April, but made the date dependent on the company’s liquidity situation. The dividend payment will be based on the after-tax profit of HUF 3.44 billion for 2020, 64 percent of which will be paid out, the excess being placed in the company’s profit reserve. 4iG Plc closed the last year with a consolidated financial statement according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) with HUF 57.8 billion, 39.2 percent higher revenues than the previous year, HUF 5.1 billion (23.9 percent higher) EBITDA, HUF 37.86 billion balance sheet total and HUF 7.68 billion equity.

Budapest, 21st June 2021

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