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4iG Plc. Extraordinary Announcement - 2021.09.10.

Investor Relations


Extraordinary Announcement of 4iG Plc.

On winning bid

4iG Public Limited Company (hereinafter: “4iG”, “4iG PLC”) hereby informs its Esteemed Investors and the Participants of the Capital and Financial Markets that the offer of the consortium led by 4iG was announced as the winning bid by Digital Government Agency Ltd.

The procurement procedure for the conclusion of the framework agreement, for organisations covered under the 301/2018. (XII. 27.) Government Decree, with the subject of “The purchase of active and passive network devices” took place in two parts. Part one: Homogeneous network devices and accessories, Part two:General network devices and accessories.

In the first part of the procedure 5 and in the second part of the procedure 4 different consortiums of joint bidders were announced as winners by the Digital Government Agency Ltd., where both parts were a joint consortium led by 4iG PLC.

The net amount of the framework agreement: HUF 300,000,000,000.

The framework agreement does not guarantee automatic orders, it is dependent on the needs of the organisations concerned, each specific procurement will be re-competed between the consortiums that participated within the framework agreement.

The duration of the framework agreement shall not exceed 42 months from its entry into force.

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Budapest, September 10th, 2021

4iG Plc.