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Montenegro government and 4iG Group entered into partnership


Press release

Montenegro government and 4iG Group entered into partnership

The parties mutually terminated their inherited litigations and confirmed their future strategic cooperation in a Memorandum of Understanding

  • 4iG Plc and the Government of Montenegro agreed that the parties close their litigations and disputes with immediate effect inherited from the acquisition of ONE Crna Gora, mobile service provider.
  • Following the agreement, Dritan Abazović, Prime Minister of Montenegro, and Gellért Jászai, Chairman of 4iG Plc signed a Memorandum of Understanding to speed up the digital transition in the Western Balkan country.
  • The ICT sector is a key driver of social and economic development in Montenegro. Digitalization has a significant impact on sustainable economic development, in which 4iG Group can be a strategic partner of the Montenegrin government in the future.
  • The parties intend to extend the cooperation to include 5G network and infrastructure the development and the introduction of innovative solutions. 4iG is committed to provide cutting-edge knowledge and support to Montenegro and Western Balkans region as a whole.

4iG entered the telco market of the Western Balkans as a strategic investor in 2021 with the acquisition of Telenor Montenegro. Later rebranded as ONE Montenegro, the mobile operator is a market leader, and its technological development is at the forefront in the country.

The signing of this agreement has brought immense satisfaction to both parties, but it's particularly noteworthy that Montenegro stands to gain significant benefits from this collaboration. Simultaneously, the conditions created through this partnership will lead to a remarkable improvement in the quality of services provided to citizens, akin to those experienced within the European Union. The esteemed presence of 4iG in the region and the country promises to introduce cutting-edge technologies, elevate cyber security to new heights, and catalyze the digitalization of public administration,” said Dritan Abazović, Prime Minister of Montenegro.
The Prime Minister, beaming with optimism, expressed his confidence that this is merely the inaugural step in a series of agreements to come, as Montenegro looks forward to forging more such partnerships with remarkable companies like 4iG. The prospect of further collaborations holds the potential for even greater advancements and achievements on multiple fronts.

The agreement between the Montenegrin government and 4iG Plc could lay the foundations for a high level of professional and technological cooperation to support and accelerate Montenegro's digital transition.
„The Memorandum of Understanding we have just signed is the first step of a long-term cooperation that can ensure an active role in Montenegro’s digital development and the resulting increase in economic and social competitiveness”,
said Gellért Jászai, Chairman of 4iG Group, after the signing ceremony. “Our competences and experience gained in the ICT sector can help us to provide a multi-level opportunity to accelerate digitalization in Montenegro, from IT solutions for public services to residential and business telecommunication services.”

The Memorandum of Understanding highlights the importance of telecommunications, and in particular, the ICT sector in the social and economic development of Montenegro, as well as the significant potential of digitalization and a technology-based economy to promote sustainable economic growth. The cooperation could thus also include infrastructure development and the widespread dissemination of innovative solutions. 4iG Group is playing a major role in the expansion of the 5G network, smart city projects towards sustainable housing and improving the efficiency of the info-communications infrastructure in Montenegro.


4iG's extensive experience in the digitalization of public services, the development and integration of e-government projects can improve the efficiency of public administration. To achieve these objectives, 4iG Plc and the Government of Montenegro intend to establish a joint working group, which will regularly assess the results of the cooperation and identify and implement specific activities. In the future, 4iG may also propose new development programs to meet the growing demands of digital transformation. In order to achieve the goals set out in the "Digital Transformation Strategy of Montenegro 2022-2026", the cooperation can deliver solutions across economic, telecommunications and digitalization sectors.

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Budapest, 27 July 2023

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4iG Group
4iG Plc, a Hungarian majority-owned company based in Budapest, Hungary is the leading telecommunications and IT group in Hungary and the Western Balkans, and one of the leading companies in the knowledge-based, digital economy. The Budapest Stock Exchange listed company's fresh and innovative approach and its position as Hungary's leading IT systems integrator make the Group a leading residential and business service provider in the region's digital transformation. 4iG's dynamic expansion strategy has made it a dominant player in the Hungarian and Western Balkan telecoms markets. The Group is continuously expanding its services, expertise and portfolio to meet the changing needs and demands of the telecom and IT markets. The 4iG Group currently employs nearly 8,200 people.

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