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4iG Plc.PortfolioVeritas Consulting Ltd.



Founded: 1 October 2018
Joined the 4iG Group:
10 September 2019

Veritas Consulting Ltd. joined the 4iG Group in the autumn of 2019, and it is acting as an independent subsidiary. The company's main area of expertise is the provision of services related to SAP products as a partner of SAP Silver.

These tasks include project preparation, licensing sales and maintenance support, carrying out full implementation projects, project management, and the provision of product-related and product-independent consulting services to partners.


AThe introduction of SAP is a complex task requiring expertise and customer knowledge. In addition to knowing the system, successful projects also require knowledge and insight of the client's business processes and industry characteristics. In all cases, our experts carry out a preliminary survey and audit, where they assess the operation and processes of the company. With this knowledge, we jointly develop a suitable solution based on the real needs and expectations of the company. The system is basically suitable for quick implementation, and the experts of Veritas Consulting introduce SAP solutions in the spirit of efficiency thanks to their experience and expertise.


  • SAP Silver VAR Partner since 2020;
  • Colleagues with considerable experience in design, implementation and operation of corporate governance systems;
  • As a member of the 4IG group, we have the necessary competences and opportunities in the field of system integration:

    • Project management;
    • SAP HANA Platform-based custom enhancements;
    • Introduction of cloud products;
    • Change and risk management;
    • Quality assurance;
    • IT security.


As a subsidiary of the 4iG Group, our company, as a leading player in the Hungarian IT sector, creates value for its clients throughout the whole IT life cycle: from the formulation of demand through the development of complex systems to the maintenance of reliable operation.

Our speciality is that our operation is based on stable, predictable, enterprise-based foundations, but at the same time an agile, innovative, start-up approach is present in our activities. As a stock exchange company, our processes and activities are transparent, our financial and professional results are public. The change in the IT and telecommunications (ICT) market has accelerated greatly, as technology has become the dominant and indispensable building block of business in recent years. Within the 4iG Group, we adapt to these market trends, develop our portfolio and expand our team of professionals: we are moving in combination with traditional and innovative SAP elements to shape the future of the Hungarian ICT market and digital business.

Our approach goes beyond IT systems: we believe in partnership based on joint innovation and solutions tailored to the rhythm and business goals of our customers, be it the result of a system that can be introduced almost immediately or the result of an individual, customized development.

Key contact

Pál Polgár

Managing Director