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SolutionsSolution developmentSoftware development and integration


Complex information systems, data storage, business applications, custom solutions

In 4iG we focus on the complete life cycle of software development through implementation and operation, not just a specific phase in the process.

Sharing information, storing data, operating standardized business processes, while being flexible and customizable is vital for every organization. This demand and requirements are constantly increasing due to the constraints of digitalization.To meet these requirements, it is essential to introduce applications that are easy and quick to manage by users, be they customers or internal employees.

Bearing our clients’ needs fully in mind, we build an application or complex information system that can cover customer-requested workflows, based on 4iG's diverse development experience and industry best practices.


In 4iG, we focus on the complete software development, implementation and operation life cycle, not just a specific phase in the process. From business needs assessment and analysis to planning, implementation and support,we are able to support our clients with the expert services of 4iG group and provide cybersecurity protection for the entire process.

During the design we also perform architecture and UX-UI design, then during the implementation we perform our own quality assurance and even have our priority project management available.

  • Optional forms of our project management methodology available: agile (Scrum, Kanban) or Waterfall.
  • We follow industry standards and best practices:
    • Cleancode,
    • Google coding conventions,
    • Containerized solution (on-premise or cloud-based),
    • Availability of 99.9% or more.
  • We work with full automation: both during development and release processes as well:
    • CI/CD and DevOps methodology.
  • Documentation and auditing are important building blocks for quality assurance:
    • SonarQube code quality control and documentation,
    • Swagger, DocGen API documentation,
    • User help and manual writing.

We guarantee the smoothness of our processes with Atlassian tools, which we can provide to our clienton demand as part of the project.


  • Cloud systems (private, public and hybrid clouds):
    • We use public single, hybrid or multi-cloud solutions (AWS, GCP, Azure) to help our clients to avoid dependency on service providers.
    • Cost and capacity scalability based on visitor numbers and usage - no high start-up hardware costs.
    • Cost analysis and cost optimization, even continuously, on a regular basis after the initial start-up.
    • Agile development supported by DevOps methodologies integrated with native cloud platform functionality.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - development of software as a service-based systems, even by creating a multi-tenant environment
  • Enterprise integrations
    • integration of different components of large enterprises IT architecture and software architecture,
    • introduction of new software and services,
    • system integration,
    • SOA - development of service-based communication, introduction of messaging middleware (ESB).


  • Experience in finance, transport, health, industry and public administration, proven methodology.
  • High availability critical systems.
  • Scalable, load-balancing architecture.


  • Web development: portals, custom websites or Intranet.
  • Mobile development: iOS and Android apps, cross-platform mobile apps with state-of-the-art technologies e.g. Flutter, React Native.
  • User-friendly interface design - UX/UI:
    • through prototypes, during the implementation, the unique product is prepared adjusted to customer's needs.


  • Test management: organizing quality assurance during software development and implementation projects.
  • Testing software and running environments:
    • automated testing of mobile and web interfaces using Selenium, Gherkin, Appium technologies,
    • testing performance, regression, interface operation, system integration,
    • test case and test plan preparation.
  • Quality assurance and methodological advice:
    • analysis of the source code with automatic tools and with the help of our experts,
    • unit test consultation, implementation,
    • cybersecurity solutions: application and development security.


C#, .NET, Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Swift, Spring, Angular, Android, iOS, Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, SharePoint, ElasticSearch, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, JMeter, Git, Jenkins, Vagrant, Puppet, Ansible