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State-of-the-art ERP business solutions, SAP ERP systems and applications

In addition to industry-specific implementations, we also provide horizontal solutions such as HR systems, business intelligence (BI) modules and customer relationship CRM.


Accurate, up-to-date information is essential to increase the competitiveness of companies and to establish an accurate cost structure. The SAP system is the most widely used and well-known integrated ERP business solution globally and also in Hungary.

Modern corporate governance systems are designed to allow an organization to take practical steps towards flexible, rapid and efficient adaptation in today's challenging business environment and to implement the digital transformation as efficiently as possible. SAP’s S/4HANA intelligent integrated ERP system, which runs on SAP's HANA in-memory database, can assist greatly to achieve this. 

Companies deploying SAP can choose an on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid-deployment solution according to their needs that takes advantage of both options at the same time. In addition to basic enterprise processes (financial accounting, controlling, inventory management, sales, warehouse management, production management, etc.), the state-of-the-art application provides its users with high-level intervention and decision-making opportunities with built-in analytics and artificial intelligence, supporting corporate management with up-to-date information necessary for quick decision-making. 

The implementation and expansion of SAP systems is a complex task that requires expertise and customer knowledge. In addition to system knowledge, it is necessary to have an insight into the customer's business processes and industry specificities. In all cases, our specialists carry out a preliminary survey and audit, where they learn about the operation of the company and assess its processes supporting its operation. With the help of our consultants, we jointly develop the right solution based on the real needs and requests of the enterprise. This will be the basis of the system setting, which is basically suitable for rapid implementation. The experts of Veritas Consulting Ltd. introduce SAP solutions aiming for efficiency, thanks to their experience and expertise. 

In recent years, globalization has led to increased competition between companies in different market segments. On an international level, it became more and more essential for companies to respond quickly to a changing economic and legal environment, in order to become better and more competitive.

SAP's product portfolio can provide priority support for that – a portfolio which has been significantly renewed over the past decade and has been expanded with new technologies and products that have strengthened its market leading position in ERP business solutions, regardless of the business's activities and industry specificities.

SAP's new services provide appropriate solutions for business process support primarily, but not exclusively, in the following categories:

  • ERP and digital central solutions (SAP S/4HANA)
  • CRM, Marketing, Sales (SAP Commerce Cloud)
  • Vendor Management, Strategic Procurement, Procurement (SAP ARIBA)
  • Basic HR Tasks, Payroll (SAP SuccessFactors)
  • Business Technology Platform (SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite).

SAP HANA Platform

SAP’s High performance ANalytical Appliance (HANA) is a business data platform for companies open to digital solutions that provides all corporate roles: from employees to managers the right data for their work. It enables organizations to access all of the company's data in one place, taking advantage of the intelligence inherent in the data and greatly shortening the time it takes to extract insight from raw data, giving a competitive advantage in today's fast-accelerated world. 

SAP HANA platform is characterized by the following features:

  • It is a futuristic, intelligent data platform capable of simultaneously processing transactional data and serving real-time analysis and reporting needs, regardless of the type and source of the data.
  • SAP HANA is a memory-based, essentially column-sorted database, which allows processing large amounts of data at fast response times.
  • SAP HANA has extensive cloud support, but in addition to flexible cloud usage, on-premise and hybrid system architectures can be deployed  as well to meet business needs.
  • Information security solutions are of paramount importance for the SAP HANA database; an example can be the possibility of anonymizing data at runtime while avoiding duplicate storage of data.

In order to initiate cooperation with our consultants, please get in touch with our SAP team.