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DOTO Framework: 4iG’s low-code, no-code software platform

These rapidly deployed applications solve the basic digitalization challenges of clients, tailored to the needs of their custom processes and needs.

The DOTO System Framework represents an innovative, unique technological solution that can stand not only on the Hungarian market, but also in an international environment. DOTO technology provides solutions for corporate management and process management for the government, large enterprise and civil sectors. The system is backed by nearly 20 years of experience in IT development and operations in Hungary, Europe and USA. DOTO Systems Ltd. is a majority-owned subsidiary of 4iG Plc.


The use of appropriate digital technology is important both to optimize an organization's internal processes and to improve its interactions with cooperating partners.Reliable data stored in the system and the overall picture of the organization's activities help the organization to value and distribute its own resourcesbetter, making operational processes better planned and organized.


The basic principles of the design of the system are as follows:

  • to support users' day-to-day work as fully as possible through automatic administration functions;
  • workflow support, deadline tracking, built-in automatic warning messages: the system always clearly shows users' upcoming tasks and radically reduces errors and mistakes;
  • real-time, up-to-date, accurate and complete queries, as well as all the information available in one place enable immediate management response and intervention (e.g. modification of operational processes).

With this, the DOTO Framework ensures compliance with deadlines, reduces administrative and workloads, and contributes to accelerating processes.Reducing the time and resources of workflow processes results in cost savings and more efficient organizational operations.


In practice, the DOTO software suite can be widely used by any company or business organization to structure, automate, control and manage business processes as well as related documents and financial and economic data. The uses of the DOTO System include, but are not limited to, the full digitalization of resources allocation, support management and tendering processes. The system is a customizable management and statistical solution to meet the unique needs of large organizations, capable of serving thousands of users at the same time, based on state-of-the-art technology.

What does the DOTO system provide to customers?
For example:

  • multi-level task and resource coordination;
  • complex budget management;
  • communication between all parties concerned;
  • real-time workflow tracking;
  • mapping any complex task;
  • efficiency and transparency.

DOTO Framework can be applied to a wide range of sectors and working environments, such as:


  • supervision of subsidiaries,
  • planning, management, implementation, monitoring of projects,
  • revenue forecasting, planning, tracking;

Organizations, associations:

  • cooperation between co-organizations,
  • coordinating multi-level, even transnational work,
  • management of complex funds and resources;


  • coordination of strategic planning, objectives and projects,
  • monitoring of implementation processes,
  • management of public finances and project budgets;

DOTO Framework is integrated with the following solutions to fully customize a given information system to meet the needs of the customer and the management processes:

- defining and designing the data content of the functions and data sheets in the system (automatic calculations, checks, etc.);
- workflow support and deadline management, deadline monitoring and automatic system messages for supported management processes and procedures;
- template-based production of documents and tables in different formats (Word, Excel, PDF) using up-to-date and verified data stored in the system;
- compiling and exporting predefined or specified data scope queries, statistics, pivot table reports (HTML, CSV, Text, PDF, Excel, OpenDocument Spreadsheet) using up-to-date and verified data stored in the system;
- integrated document management, document library;
- eligibility management according to user roles, authorization management;
- electronic communication between the internal users of the system (e.g. public administration, agency) and external users (e.g. procurement entities);
- 'single source of truth', as the basic data necessary for the functioning of the system as a whole and the data for each administrative act are stored in a single, centralized, continuously maintained database;
- interface connection for transmitting and receiving data from external sources.


What is a ‘low code, no code’ system solution? DOTO Framework includes the tools and interfaces needed to design and modify system operation.

A system used for monitoring purposes only cannot be successful and therefore such system is required that can assist users in their day-to-day work:

  • based on recorded data, the system works instead of the users;
  • keeps users informed of their current tasks;
  • thus, users will see the use of the system not as a burden, but as a help, so that they will upload the data and all data at decision-making levels will be up to date.

Cheap, cost-effective solution: the system can cover the entire activity of the organization and therefore it is not necessary to develop, coordinate or harmonize IT systems in parallel; the system can be extended to new business areas in the future, without the need to obtain a new separate IT system.

Our industry solutions based on the DOTO Framework:

  • nonprofit, civil and charitable
  • public administration
  • electronic administration
  • purchasing system.