Our product and service portfolios contain:

Some of our services are optimised specifically for the needs of a given organisation size. For example, when we planned our monthly fee based managed services, we payed special attention to the needs of middle-sized Hungarian enterprises, typically with multiple sites.


  • validation: pharmaceutical and food industry quality assurance
  • track & trace: individual identification and tracing in the pharmaceutical and food industry, and for consumer products
  • maintenance management: scheduling of maintenance windows in industrial settings, process automatisation
  • factory line oversight
  • „My factory in my pocket”
    • digital twin, internal navigation,
    • 3D facility management, sensor data visualisation

Mobile field maintenance working environment: the combination of special industry hybrid (2:1) tablet-notebook hardware and software (cloud services), and the operation support model for maintenance staff working in external locations

  • Mandartory reporting
  • + Credit Register (HITREG) data
  • IT security consulting, compliance

Contentum document management

3D surveying and modelling: architecture, engineering, cultural heritage, movie industry


Full IT, data centre, client, application, service desk

Open source Zabbix technology, hardware-infrastructure-application-cloud monitoring service with 7x24 attendance


UTM firewall and security filtering services with operation, incident management on WatchGuard basis


Data protection with uniform management of business, legal and technical aspects, consultancy and continuous updating on a monthly fee basis


Inspection of IT exposition and risk factors, preparing IT for catastrophes – continuously updated, tested and documented.
A 2nd (virtual, physical or cloud) backup site and replication technologies if required.

Asset rental and operation for a flexible monthly fee: DELL, HP, Panasonic notebook, desktop PC, tablet or hybrid 2:1 devices, also for industrial environments. Unified remote monitoring, remote management and support, with security software products and data backup.

If the manufacturer guarantee is not available for a given server or storage system any more, we can provide an alternative for maintaining secure operation.

Supplementary, independent data backup and archiving for cloud-based team work: earlier state of e-mails and documents can be restored

Outsourced IT security attendance, continuous vulnerability assessment, log analysis, stand-by incident management


Development, integration, project management, quality assurance

Planning, migration, operation

Document and process management, real time cooperation (video, chat)

  • Planning: HR, physical assets
  • AI based analysis, forecasting, self-service BI, data warehouse, Big Data

BIA, risk management, BCP, DR, training, vulnerability assessment


  • planning, deployment, migration, optimisation
  • data storage, computing capacity, convergent infrastructure, HPC, virtualisation
  • on-demand data centre hardware capacity
  • private, public, and hybrid cloud
  • central monitoring
  • backup and archiving
  • network architecture, integration
  • PC/notebook/tablet/2:1
  • Client life cycle 360°
  • VDI, RDS

Data centre and client hardware, printing

UTM, WAF, IPS, SIEM, endpoint security, encryption, IDM, MDM, DLP, load balancer, VPN, MFA

Why 4iG?

Why 4iG?

4iG incorporates key companies in the Hungarian IT market, which cover a wide spectrum of the IT sector.

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