The most successful IT manager of the year is

Dr. Gábor Felső. This year, for the first time, we had the pleasure to welcome him among the candidates. Seeing his accomplishments, we were sure that he would make it to the Top 25, but the charismatic first man of 4iG hit the top of our list immediately.

The most successful IT manager of the year is

He is worthy to occupy the first place, which is a result of the hard leadership work that set the 4iG Group listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange onto a path of dynamic growth and made the Company achieve its set target figures and moreover provide its most prominent economic and financial performance ever in 2015.

Gábor Felső has been the president of the Board of Directors since 2013 and was also Chief Executive Officer for 1.5 years during this period. In addition to supporting operations on a Company Group level, his most important responsibilities are the expansion on international markets and the further strengthening of R&D activities. As the leader of one of the most influential IT companies of Hungarian ownership, he carried the already started processes through and accomplished the centralisation of individual activities, and the cost-effective and centrailsed functioning of the Company. Though he did not get to the top of the Company from its “old core”, the company led by him did not only increase its revenues but also saw a significant increase in terms of employee headcount last year, thanks to the harmonised work realised under his professional leadership and his innovative solutions. His conscious developments have yielded success; his medium-term objective is to make company shares get into the premium category of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

This professional who graduated as an electrical engineer is also the chief executive officer of the BME Viking Villamosmérnöki és Informatikai Kutató-Fejlesztő Kft. (BME Electrical Engineering and IT Research and Development Ltd.) owned by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, having practically held this position since its foundation. He does not count to the average ITC top managers in terms of studies and qualifications either: he holds a PhD degree from the Budapest University of Technology and an MBA degree of the joint programme with the Heriot-Watt University. This might be his first time on our Top 25 List, but not the last one for sure.

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