TOP25: Dr. Gábor Felső among the nominees

The TOP25 list of IT Business includes the most successful managers in the ICT sector and this year Chairman of the Board of Directors of the 4iG Group Dr. Gábor Felső is also nominated thanks to the firm’s success.

For the first time, Dr. Gábor Felső was nominated to the prestigious TOP25 list of IT Business. He has been the President of the Board of Directors of 4iG Group Board since January 2013 and also CEO of the 4iG Group between the 23 April 2015 and 19. July 2016. His nomination is a recognition of his persistent work due to which the 4iG Group has managed to achieve its target figures and further strengthened its market position among the leading companies of the IT sector by its renewal. The group members managed to double or even triple their turnover by successfully expanding their portfolio as well as their clientele so last year was the most successful in the company’s history.

Mr. Felső graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) as an electrical engineer and later he also got his PhD there. After this, he also completed an MBA course at the Heriot-Watt University. He worked for almost ten years in the telecommunications industry. He considers the period he spent with Invitel Plc. (at that time called Vivendi Telekom Hungary Ltd.) an important step in his career as he was in charge of a full-scope group-level restructuring project there. He also held executive positions at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. as well as at ACTEL Ltd. Besides managing the 4iG Group, he is also CEO of BME VIKING Nonprofit Plc. where he is dealing with R&D projects and industrial development tasks. All these experiences have helped him to make sure that the Group also meet the strategic parameters required for innovation and international expansion.

His colleagues consider him to be a reliable man who always keeps his word. An excellent strategist and a professional with great stamina, sometimes he assumes even more than he can really cope with. He says he managed to turn the group of companies managed by him into one of Hungary’s most successful enterprises working together with the managers of the subsidiaries, through the coordinated work of the group’s employees, and thanks to the solid expert background and the innovative and unique solutions.

Viktória Sebők
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