The management of 4iG Plc., has regarded the preparation for the pandemic, the development of responses and security procedures and their implementation at our Company as a strategic task.


Press feedback on harmony

On 11 May, 4iG Plc. organised a special press breakfast at the downtown Aria Hotel to report on its business results gained last year as well as the strategic plans for next year. The first 4iG press event took place in order to celebrate the most outstanding results of the corporate group and to introduce the relevant, special annual report.

The success of 4iG was presented to the press by István Fehér, Dr. Gábor Felső and Tamás Koppány. They covered, among other topics, the growth of the company’s sales revenues and staff number as well as their strategic plans for 2016.

The attending journalists were the first to hear about the annual report on the corporate results gained in 2015, which is special for two reasons compared to the customary annual reports. 4iG’s integrated operations and the harmony between the member companies dealing with various IT tasks are highlighted in the report metaphorically: the chapters of the report are illustrated with spectacular photos of a symphonic orchestra and its musicians. The other special feature is the augmented reality technology-based mobile application and interactive summary schemed by the Mensor 3D member company. In one page of the report, you can see 3 empty chairs, and hovering the mobile device over them you can access a video showing members of the directorial board sitting on the 3 chairs and highlighting the results of 4iG in a video interview, while the contents are made more dynamic with animated, stereoscopic inscriptions.

The press breakfast was organized on the covered roof terrace of Aria Hotel. The elegantly styled internal spaces of the hotel and the Sky Bar overlooking the Basilica proved to be a venue that perfectly matches the concept of the annual report because the four wings of the building represent different music styles.

The first press event attracted unusual interest as the breakfast was attended by the managers of leading Hungarian economic, financial, IT and stock exchange media, 14 journalists altogether. The success story of the corporate group is already available at Figyelő Online, HVG, Computerworld,, Tőzsdefórum, ITBusiness and bitport. The event was also covered by MTI’s business correspondent, and the report was also communicated at other online portals. Világgazdaság and Magyar Idők also wrote a printed article on the breakfast.

4iG annual report 2015:

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