Microsoft Names Humansoft Kft., a 4iG Subsidiary Business Partner of the Year

Humansoft was awarded a prestigious prize at the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, D.C.

Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference with the participation of top Microsoft partners from around 150 countries was held in Washington, D.C. between July 13-17, 2014. This year, nearly 40 Hungarian company directors including representatives of Humansoft were invited.

It is particularly difficult to be inclided in Microsoft’s list as the software giant uses its own evaluation system for selecting the winner, who is awarded a prize. Humansoft’s winning the prize is, therefore, a particularly excellent achievement. Thanks to this prestigious award, the company will have an even more respectable position in the IT services market.

“We will do our best to retain this position for as long as possible,” said Gábor Somlyai, CEO of 4iG Nyrt.

This high-profile event also offers company directors a clearer insight into Microsoft’s 2014-2015 strategy. Currently, future seems to belong to cloud-based solutions, where services are used locally on the user’s own computer; however, the infrastructure providing the services is not operated locally. It seems that MS o365 and Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure will be this year’s top hits.