Introduction of Gábor Radó, the new Deputy Chief Sales Officer of the 4iG Group

From 2018, 4iG Group continues in a new, functional structure. This also means a new management team with new, dynamic members. The Group’s new head of sales is Mr. Gábor Radó, the new head of the technical team is Mr. Péter Farkas.

This time, we interviewed Mr. Gábor Radó, Deputy Chief Sales Officer, about his career so far and the new challenges associated with his new position.

Introduction of Gábor Radó - the new Deputy Chief Sales Officer of the 4iG Group

During this interview, Gábor told us that he had had some unexpected opportunities in his life, and this appointment was one of them. He believes, however, that he has got used to such surprises in his career by now. But where did it all start?

1+14 years

Gábor first jointed Humansoft in 2002, but after a year, he changed to Microsoft, where he was given an opportunity he could not miss: he started to work in the corporate division as a solution sales specialist; he was responsible for the Office product line. This detour was, however, quite short. He returned to Humansoft in March 2004, and he has been advancing here ever since.


At the time, the Company was famous for Dell; the sales team focused on delivering off-the-shelf products and hardware; however, solutions were still in a very early stage. This was what took Gábor back to Humansoft: “The then owner of Humansoft invited me to set up a sales team to sell solutions. This was going to be horizontal organisation in the corporate structure. We started with 4-5 colleagues, and our aim was to make both the sales managers and the clients move towards value-added services like IT infrastructure and business solutions.”, said Gábor about this period. The first unexpected opportunity came after a few years, when a colleague, who was the head of one of the divisions dealing with business clients, left the company and Gábor was invited to take that position.


“This opportunity came all of a sudden and I was a bit afraid, because I had only been dealing with value-added services in my career so far; we could say that I had no idea what hardware was. But there was something in this challenge that attracted me, and our aim was to start to sell solutions in the divisions, because the sales managers had already seen the market opportunities beyond hardware and software by then.” Nevertheless, this was not the end of unexpected career turns, as the Banking & Finance Division was soon added to his responsibilities.


The promotion of division heads to sectoral division directors in 2016 and their transformation into full-fledged sales directorates in 2017 were also precursors to change.

You can always work more

In the end of 2017, the management came up with the plan of a new, functional organisation, and Gábor was meant to be its Deputy Chief Sales Officer. The idea was to establish a uniform sales organisation applying a strategic mindset on Group level, in close cooperation with the technical fields. In addition to leading a much larger team, Gábor also had to learn and manage completely new fields like public procurement projects. After this, events gained momentum. His appointment was announced a few days later, when the colleagues came together to drink a toast to the new year, and they were positive and supportive towards the new situation.


As Gábor put it, it was a great lesson that although you think that you are working at full speed, such a promotion can prove that this is absolutely not the case. “I have a lot of tasks and focus more on management meetings, but a more efficient scheduling of work can help insert the new tasks into the new daily routine.” In addition, Gábor also has some tasks he must do twice, as, in addition to his completely new ones, he is also handing over those of his former position to Mr. Albert Gerencsér, who has been appointed head of his former team.

In the first 1 to 1.5 months, both were leading the team and they attended the regular meetings of the Directorate of Sales together, so that Gábor can assist the new leader in meeting the colleagues and getting a detailed picture of the clients. 

New chair, new overview

Of course, the new position puts certain tasks into a different perspective. Such is, for instance, the forecast system, which must be filled with data and followed up regularly, which is—in the sales experience of Gábor—not the best of sales activities. In the recent years, however, he has realised how important business forecasting is; especially for a listed company which must issue reports regularly, and this makes accurate, up-to-date information indispensable. The best source of such information is forecasts. Gábor plans that “our junior colleagues will have a special role in this and in receivables management as well. They will assist our sales managers in keeping these fields up to date.”

Personal challenges of the new position

Gábor said that he was honoured by the new appointment and he is happy to hear that the changes had been received positively both in the Group and by the manufacturers, clients and partners. He also pointed out that the increased responsibility requires him to acquire new skills. “One of the most important tasks ahead of me is to learn how to better manage time and delegate more actively. In addition, I must learn about the industries that I either have not or have rarely worked with before. I am lucky, because I get a lot of support from both the company management and the whole organisation.”

Closing the interview, Gábor pointed out how important the support of his family was to him, because they showed such an unbelievable patience towards the implications of an otherwise positive thing, like the increased workload and long hours. These difficulties will become easier in time, as he acquires the new work routine in which everything will have its place and time again.

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