In Hungary, 4iG Plc. was among the first companies to obtain the ISO 37001 certificate. The Group’s anti-corruption management system, internal processes, ethical and compliance policy also meet international requirements. In addition to the transparency and clarity of the company’s committed processes, this also supports the growth of the company’s reputation and shareholder value.

On 9 December, World Anti-Corruption Day, the group announced that 4iG Plc. had obtained the ISO 37001 certification. The company announced back in September that it intends to be one of the first companies in Hungary, in cooperation with the international consulting company EY, to introduce operation complying with anti-corruption standards this year.

In November 2020, the Magyar Szabványügyi Testület (Hungarian Standards Body) examined the effectiveness of 4iG’s anti-bribery and anti-corruption operation. The auditors reviewed the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and the Business Partner Code of Ethics issued for the Group’s employees and business partners, as well as the regulatory documents and training systems related to the anti-corruption process in force, and also the ethical and compliance policy, internal processes, corporate culture of the Group, as well. Experts praised the commitment of 4iG management to prevent, detect and address bribery in all segments of the corporate value chain.

By obtaining the certificate, 4iG has further strengthened its previously applied Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, and compliance system. The Group is committed to ensuring transparency throughout its operations, as corruption, both domestically and internationally, poses a threat to business integrity, distorts competition, and carries significant reputational and business risk for large companies. Therefore, for the Group, the fight against corruption means not only compliance with the requirements set in national or European Union legislation, but also a practice to be followed in daily business. By obtaining the certificate, 4iG sought not only to achieve checklist compliance, but also to improve corporate culture and put ethical and business values ​​into practice. Thanks to this, 4iG’s shareholders and partners, as well as supervisory organs and authorities, can be even more confident that the company will do everything possible to reduce its business risks and avoid the development of harmful practices. The management system operating in accordance with the ISO 37001 standard contributes to further increasing the confidence in 4iG’s business and strengthening the company’s reputation.