The management of 4iG Plc., has regarded the preparation for the pandemic, the development of responses and security procedures and their implementation at our Company as a strategic task.


4iG – member of BCSDH

In February, 4iG Plc. applied for membership to the organisation of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH). The purpose of BCSDH is to actively promote the three pillars of sustainable development among its member companies: economic effectiveness, transposition and application the principles of ecological balance and social quality of life into economic practice, and so to increase their competitiveness with new and innovative solutions, and to contribute to the sustainable development of the Hungarian economy and society. Sustainability is a priority value for 4iG, this is why it would like to be a good role model among IT companies and wishes to lead its member companies in compliance with these principles. In connection with the admission, we had a conversation with Ms. Judit Hegedűs, Deputy Chief Operations Officer of 4iG Plc. and Ms. Márta Irén, Director for Hungary of BCSDH.

Why has 4iG joined the organisation?

Judit Hegedűs: Every activity of 4iG is penetrated by sustainability, as this is a priority to us. It is an unconcealed intention of our Company Group to have an outstanding business performance. This goal must however be in harmony with the interests of our employees, clients and suppliers and the needs of our environment and society. We can regard our successes as real success in that case only, and they can be sustained on the long run in that way only.

We wish to use this membership to obtain help in elaborating our professional programme, to actively and constructively participate in business forums and to fine-tune our activities so far in line with the aspects of sustainability.

What are the advantages a company can obtain from a BCSDH membership?

Irén Márta: In the first place, it is a great opportunity to participate in the Hungarian and international work of the greatest organisation where chief executive officers and top managers of companies work for a business operation complying with the principles of sustainable development. It is also an opportunity to meet and cooperate with leaders who are also committed to sustainability, just line 4iG. We provide access to latest Hungarian and international information and corporate practice related to sustainable development. Last but not least, we represent the topic of sustainability on international policy forums, conferences and in the media.

What organisational tools, institutions and measures ensure company level sustainability for 4iG?

Judit Hegedűs: As a prominent leader of the IT market, 4iG Plc. considers efficient energy consumption and environmentally conscious awareness raising as important. Subsidiaries of the Group hold the environmental ISO 14001:2005 certifications and have made several environmental resource projects a success in the recent years. One of them is ARGON2, where Humansoft Ltd. has developed the prototype of a decision support information system based on a sensor network and a complex plant protection database within a research and development project for the more cost-efficient administration and increased productivity of agricultural companies. Another priority green project was ENVIROTOX, where a unique method has been developed for the ecotoxicological inspection of environmental samples.

In addition, the Company Group is a committed supporter of the functioning of the equal opportunity principle, acknowledging that every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and to live a life with equal dignity. It is our endeavour to prevent and avoid discrimination of employees. This covers hiring, employing workforce and training, periodic training, benefits and other employment-related cases.

What does the Company do for environmental responsibility?

Last year, the Company sponsored and participated in the Green Ribbon Regatta Race, with which it wanted to call the attention of IT participants to efficient and responsible energy use. We wish to participate in more similar programmes in the future, and we plan to issue a sustainability report as well.