General Meetings

General Meetings

General Meeting Invitations

4iG Public Limited Company
(seat: 8 Montevideo Street, Budapest, H-1037)
hereby notifies its Honoured Shareholders that
it will hold its 2015 annual ordinary
General Meeting
on 23 April 2015, at 2 p.m.
on a venue outside its registered office,
in the Atrium A conference room of
Hotel Aquincum Budapest 94 Árpád fejedelem Street, Budapest, H-1036.

Agenda items of the General Meeting:

1. Decision on the approval of the 2014 financial statements, balance sheet and profit and loss account.
  a. Proposal for the 2014 annual reports, the balance sheet and the profit and loss account, and the distribution of the profit
  b. The report of the Board of Directors on the 2014 business results, motion for the approval of the reports.
  c. The auditor’s report on the audit of the annual financial statements, presentation of the auditor’s clause.
  d. The report of the Audit Committee on the audit of the annual financial statements.
  e. The report of the Supervisory Board on the audit of the annual financial statements.
  f. The report of the Board of Directors on the management, the Company’s financial status and business policy, proposal for the dividend to be paid on the year 2014.
  g. Decision on the matters covered in agenda item 1.
2. Approval of the Responsible Corporate Management Report and Declaration.
3. Approval of the auditor’s remuneration for the (business) year 2015.
4. Evaluation of the work done by the executive officers and other officers in the previous business year, decision on discharging them of their liability
5. Removal or election of executive officers and other officers (Supervisory Board, Audit Committee, Board of Directors) and fixing their remuneration
6. Amendment of the Statutes and approval of the Statutes incorporating amendments
7. Decision on issuing treasury shares
8. Miscellaneous.

The General Meeting is to be attended personally by the shareholders or their proxies.

Registration starts from 1 p.m. on the venue of the General Meeting. Upon registration, shareholders or their authorized representatives or proxies must prove their identity with their identity card and their authority to represent the shareholder entity by presenting an excerpt from the Register of Companies or other documents that certify the currently effective data and the authorized representatives of the company or organization, and their specimen signatures or equivalent documents or their power of attorney, as the case may be. According to the provisions of the Statutes, shareholders may attend the General Meeting and exercise their voting rights there if they have been recorded in the Register of Shares by 4 p.m. on the 2nd (second) working day before the General Meeting (i.e. 21 April 2015). In order to establish the right to exercise shareholders’ entitlements, the Company will request a certification of shareholders’ data from KELER Ltd.; the closing date of certification is 16 April 2015. Pursuant to the Statutes, those shareholders may exercise their membership and voting rights at the General Meeting who were identified as the holder of the relevant shares at the closing date of the certification of shareholders’ data.

Shareholders representing at least 1% of votes may request the Board of Directors in writing, giving their reasons, to put a matter on the agenda of the General Meeting, and they also have the right to submit a draft resolution concerning any item already included or to be included in the agenda. The shareholders may exercise this right within 8 days after the publication of the notice of the General Meeting.

If the General Meeting has no quorum, the adjourned General Meeting will be held with the same agenda and at the same venue on 4 May 2015, at 2 p.m. The adjourned General Meeting will have a quorum regardless of the number of shares represented thereat.

Written documents to be submitted to the Company’s General Meeting of 23 April 2015 can be inspected starting from 2 April 2015 on working days between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the registered office of 4iG PLC at 8 Montevideo Street, Budapest, 1037 and on the websites of 4iG PLC ( and the Budapest Stock Exchange (, as well as at the venue of the General Meeting starting from the commencement of registration (1 p.m. on 23 April 2015).

Budapest, 23 March 2015

The Board of Directors of 4iG PLC


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