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General Meetings

General Meetings

FreeSoft Plc.'s 2010 Annual General Meeting Modified Invitation

Following shareholder proposal Board of Directors added a new item to the Agenda as Item 11.
Modifications of the Invitation are differentiated by bold, italic, underlined letters


FreeSoft Software Development and Information Technology Services Public Limited Company hereby notifies its distinguished shareholders that the Company shall hold its 2010 Annual General Meeting on 15th April 2010 at 14:00, in the ground-floor conference-room of the Company's headquarter (1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 8. ).


  1. Report of the Board of Directors on the 2009 business operation; proposal of Annual Report's acceptance.
  2. Auditor's report on the 2009 financial statements, review of audit opinion.
  3. Audit Board's report on the 2009 financial statements.
  4. Report of the Supervisory Board on the 2009 financial statements.
  5. Report of the Board of Directors on management, asset position and corporate policy of the Company.
  6. Decision on the approval of 2009 financial statements, balance sheet and profit and loss account, decision on the allcation of after tax result.
  7. Dismissal and election of the members of officers (Supervisory Board, Audit Board, Board of Directors); determination of their remuneration.
  8. Determination of remuneration of the Auditor.
  9. Amendment of the Statutes, approval of the complete text of the statutes as amended to date.
  10. Decision on the approval of the corporate governance declaration.
  11. Authorization of Board of Directors to issue convertible loans.
  12. Others.

Registration will start at the place of the General Meeting at 13 o'clock. The shareholders or his/her representatives will have to verify their identity and rights in accordance with the Statutes, presenting their identity card and delegation as representatives.

The precondition of the participating and voting on the General Meeting is the registration of the shareholder's ownership right in the Shareholders' Ledger until 14:00 on the fifth business day prior to the General Meeting (i.e. 8th April 2010), and the proprietary certificate issued by securities account executive. Shareholders can vote in accordance with the rules of the Statutes. In the absence of a quorum, the repeated General Meeting will be convened at the very same venue for 14:30 on 15th April 2010 with unaltered agenda. The repeated General Meeting has a quorum regardless of the number of shares represented.

Written proposals of the Company's Annual General Meeting of 15th April 2010 will be available not later than 8th April 2010 in the headquarter of the FreeSoft Plc. (1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 8.) between 9:00 and 16:00 on business days, on the website of the FreeSoft Plc. (, on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange (, and at the location of the General Meeting from the start of the registration (15th April 2010 13:00).



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