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Extraordinary Announcement
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extraordinary general meeting

4iG PLC hereby informs its Esteemed Investors as well as the participants of the financial and capital market that according to the rules of decree no. 502/2020. (XI. 16.) 9.§ section (2) (hereinafter referred to as the „Decree no. 502/2020”) on the reintroducing different provisions for the operation of personal and property pooling organizations in the event of the emergency of the Government of Hungary and decree no. 478/2020 (XI. 3.) on the declaration of a state of emergency of the Government of Hungary during the emergency situation (hereinafter referred to as: “emergency”), the management of the public limited company is entitled to decide in all matters included in the agenda published at the extraordinary general meeting – including amendments to the articles of association – as well as decide on the approval of the report under the Accounting Act, the use of after-tax profit and urgent matters within the competence of the decision-making body, but necessary for the maintenance of the legal operation of the legal entity, for the management of the situation caused by the emergency and for matters arising within the scope of sound and responsible management.

According to Decree no. 502/2020, the board of directors of 4iG PLC has the right to decide about any and all issues listed on the already published agenda and has the right to decide by passing resolutions which conform with the already published proposals, but also has the right to deviate from the published proposals.

As mentioned above, 4iG PLC will not hold its extraordinary general meeting convened at 10:00 am on 25th of November, 2020. Instead, the Board of Directors of 4iG PLC plans to take decisions on the 25th of November, 2020 in accordance with the proposal published on 4th of November 2020 using the authority given by law. The Board of Directors will publish its resolutions - as passed within the scope of competence of the general meeting - in the ordinary way.

4iG PLC hereby informs its honourable shareholders that the subsequent approval by the general meeting of the general meeting resolutions passed by the Board of Directors can be initiated as follows:

According to Decree no. 502/2020, 9.§ section (7) the shareholders can request the convocation of the general meeting for the subsequent approval of the general meeting resolutions passed by the Board of Directors during the emergency within a term of preclusion of 30 (thirty) days starting from the cessation of the emergency.

In the above case, the following shareholders are entitled to request convocation of general meeting: (i) those who hold at least 1 per cent of the voting rights; and (ii) those who are indicated in the Share Register based on the ownership identification process requested and performed in connection with the general meeting indicated in the originally published invitation.

If the period between the cessation of the emergency and 1st of April of the following calendar year, or if the business year of the public limited company differs from the calendar year, the period between the first day of the fourth month following the balance sheet date of the business year is less than 180 days, it is not possible to initiate the convening of the general meeting pursuant to section (6) and (7) however, the approval of the resolutions of the general meeting taken by the management of 4iG PLC during the emergency may be put on the agenda at the next general meeting.

4iG PLC takes every measure to provide immediately all necessary information to its shareholders, and furthermore 4iG PLC is obliged to protect the health and safety of the shareholders and its employees among the given circumstances.

Budapest, November 18th 2020
Board of Directors


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