General Meetings

General Meetings

FreeSoft Plc.'s 2007 Annual General Meeting Information

FreeSoft Plc. (H-1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 8.) hereby informs the participants of the financial and capital market on the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 11th April 2007:

1/2007 (04.11) Decision

General Meeting approved the Report of the Board of Directors, the Report of the Supervisory Committee, and the Auditor’s report. General Meeting approved 2006 financial report of FreeSoft Plc. prepared in accordance with Hungarian Accounting Act, the balance sheet with total assets of HUF 2.897.568.000, and the profit and loss account with profit after taxation HUF 10.304.000.

2/2007 (04.11) Decision

No dividend will be paid by the Company, and the profit shall be booked as retained earnings.

3/2007 (04.11) Decision

General Meeting approved 2006 consolidated annual report of FreeSoft Plc. prepared in accordance with IFRS with total assets of HUF 1.716.730.000 and with loss of HUF 16.126.000.

4/2007 (04.11) Decision

General Meeting elected members of Audit Committee: László Gy. Jobbágy,  Iván Kovácsics dr. and Gáborné Móricz dr. Their term will be up to General Meeting approving 2007 financial report, not later than 30 April 2008.

5/2007 (04.11) Decision

General Meeting modified renumeration of members of Supervisory Committee - and also members of Audit Committee - to HUF 80.000 per month since 1st May 2007.

6/2007 (04.11) Decision

General Meeting elected Mantax Könyvvizsgáló és Tanácsadó Kft. - Mantax Auditor and Consultant Ltd. (1034 Budapest, San Marco u. 6-8/a., registration number: 000870), in particular Győző Czene (chamber membership number: 000140) registered auditor as Company's Auditor. Term will be up to General Meeting approving 2007 financial report, not later than 30 April 2008. General Meeting decided the compensation for 2007 business year as HUF 185.000 + VAT per month, that is HUF 2.900.000 + VAT per year.

7/2007 (04.11) Decision

General Meeting decided to publish English name of the Company in Statutes. Therefore Statutes point 2.1. will be completed as follows:

English name of the Company: FreeSoft Software Development and Information Technology Services Plc.

Short English name: FreeSoft Plc

8/2007 (04.11) Decision

General Meeting modified Statutes because of legislative requirements and following them accordingly. Modified and consolidated Statutes are attachments of Minutes.

General Meeting called the Board of Directors to make required steps for submission modified and consolidated Statutes to Registry Court.

Budapest, 11th April 2007.

FreeSoft Plc.

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