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Vilmos Vaspál is the IT Manager of the Year

May 26, 2005, Budapest, Hungary - The independent members of the Evaluation Committee of the Association of IT Companies in a secret ballot elected FreeSoft's chairman, Vilmos Vaspál as the Manager of the Year in the IT industry. "The Young IT Entrepreneur of the Year" award was presented to Vinnai Balázs (IND Kft.).

The Association of IT Companies (Informatikai Vállalkozások Szövetsége, IVSZ) awarded FreeSoft Rt's Chairman with this year's Tibor Gyurós Prize.

IVSZ has awarded this title to the most outstanding managers in the IT industry since 1997. The award, dedicated to the late president of the association, Tibor Gyurós, represents his key values: business success and the personal commitment and contribution to building the IT society in Hungary.

Vilmos Vaspál has been FreeSoft's chairman since September, 2004. He graduated as an economist, and started his career as a software developer at Videoton in the early 1980s. In 1990, he was one of the founders of FreeSoft Kft. Since then, he has played a key role in building the company and laying the foundations for its business and professional success, leading the transformation of the company to a public, internationally expanding corporation.

Developing custom applications and migration tools, FreeSoft Kft., led by Vilmos Vaspál, formulated its still valid strategy during the unprecedented dynamic growth period of the technology industry: to assist its customers in achieving business success by providing complex IT services which are based on leading technologies, satisfy unique needs, and meet the highest quality expectations.

FreeSoft Kft. built its customer base in the first decade of its history from the governmental sector and the financial community, and also enterprises and medium businesses from Hungary and abroad. The dynamic growth continued into the new millennium, and the company was transformed into FreeSoft Software Development and IT Services Corporation. In the same year, Vilmos Vaspál was elected as a member of IVSZ's board. In 2004, FreeSoft as a medium-sized company - and as the single Hungarian company in that year - went public, and the successful and popular subscription process resulted in its share capital increasing to HUF 1.435 billion.

In the same year, FreeSoft founded its German subsidiary, Düsseldorf-based FreeSoft Deutchsland GmbH, and this year, the company performed multiple acquisitions. In January 2005, FreeSoft obtained 100% ownership of web development expert Big Fish Internettechnológiai Kft., and signed an agreement on purchasing the shares of Mooltech Informatikai Szolgáltató Kft., which develops business applications based on mobile technologies. In March, Axis Kft., which provides Business Intelligent solutions, was added to the portfolio. In May, the US subsidiary, FreeSoft International Inc. launched its operations in Vienna, Virginia.

With these acquisitions, FreeSoft's range of activities and its product portfolio has expanded, so the company can deliver even more sophisticated and comprehensive, high-tech solutions to its Hungarian and international customers. The 15-year-old company now employs more than 100 professionals, and it is on its way to become a Budapest-headquartered multinational software publisher and a key player in the market segments of multinational companies in Hungary and on the international level, in addition to its current success with Hungarian medium-sized businesses.

In early 2003 FreeSoft Rt. established a Data Entry Center in Bátonyterenye with the assistance of the Ministry of Information Technology and the Ministry of Labor, and also the local family support center. The Data Entry center, now run from FreeSoft?s own resources, provides the means of living to 15 gypsy employees, who deliver professional level services to insurance companies and governmental agencies. The Center has been up and running for two years in the Nógrád-county town, where unemployment rate is a multiple of the national average; in addition to mitigating the employment problems in the region, it can serve as a model in assisting the socially disadvantaged, in narrowing the digital gap, and in utilizing the potential in remote employment.

Vilmos Vaspál received the conductor?s baton which symbolizes leadership qualities, and the metal diploma for the Tibor Gyurós Award - The IT Manager of the Year Award at a ceremonial dinner in the Hilton Hotel located in Budapest?s Castle District.

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