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The portal system for the 34 local governments in the Marcali Small Region is ready

In the first phase of the HUF 370 million EU-subsidized project, FreeSoft has created the foundation for the infrastructure which is necessary for electronic case handling.

September 15, 2005, Budapest, Hungary - Today FreeSoft Rt. announced the launch of the Marcali-based IT infrastructure and portal system, which provides services to the local governmental and regional notaries' offices and the public. In the first phase of the deployment project of the e-Government Solution, individual web sites were created for publishing information about the small region and the 34 settlements. These sites are hosted on a server in Marcali, and are accessible at the collective portal, or at individual URLs according to the pattern.

"This way, settlements with only a couple of hundred or thousand inhabitants can also have their own websites, which they had not been able to afford previously", says Róbert Ligeti, Project Manager, FreeSoft. "The system was built on Oracle's portal engine; creating individual sites is simple with FreeSoft's design and framework, in which each settlement can establish its own color scheme, and upload original content even with the assistance of the administrator available in Marcali. FreeSoft provides also the services necessary to operate the portal system for the small region. Local governments can send the content to be published to the administrator in e-mail, or they can access the authoring system configured for their use, and maintain or update their website's content on their own."

FreeSoft's framework assigns content to be published on the site to two categories: information about the settlement, and information related to electronic case handling. The settlement's introduction pages include information, descriptions and photos about history, sights, businesses, public institutions etc. Portals showcase local businesses and civic organizations, and also other specific functionality such as discussions, newsletters and voting. A remarkable feature of the portal system is the extension of searches launched from individual sites - for example for companies - to the entire region. FreeSoft created some parts of the initial content of the websites in multiple languages, such as English, German or Gypsy, in accordance with the unique needs and local characteristics of the settlements. Level 1 and 2 of e-governmental services, or information and printable forms are available in a separate menu items in the portal system. The back-office systems necessary to implement Level 3, or full electronic case handling services, will be deployed in the second phase of the project.

The foundation for electronic case handling by the local governments of Marcali and the small region will be created through the deployment of FreeSoft's Governmental Records Management System (Közigazgatási Iratkezelő Rendszer, KIR). KIR offers a platform-independent, scalable, flexible solution to the widest possible range of records management tasks for the entire lifecycle of documents from registration to destruction, and for any organization from small local governments with only hundreds of documents per year to large local governments with multiple sites and hundreds of thousands of documents per year. In addition, the system can support both the smallest and the largest organizational units within the government and public administration, and can be scaled flexibly to the needs of businesses from SMBs to large enterprises. KIR provides comprehensive support for the core tasks performed by governmental organizations, local governments and other public institutions, and it is fully compliant with MOREQ recommendations and the latest international standards (ISO 15489), and also with Hungarian legal requirements (Archival Act, Digital Signature Act, KET, and other applicable governmental regulations), and keeps up with any changes. With its web-based interface and 3-tier design, KIR is an easy to install and manage, user-friendly solution. All the functions run on the server, so no maintenance is required on employees' machines, and no sensitive data is stored locally. It can be used from anywhere where the Internet is accessible, so it is an ideal choice for organizations with multiple sites.

The Marcali Town Government won the subsidy of Economic Competitiveness Operative Pogram (Gazdasági Versenyképesség Operatív Program, GVOP), in the tender (GVOP 4.3.1) for the development of information provision services by local governments, under the "Development of the information society and the economy" priority. For the implementation of the submitted tender, a public procurement procedure was performed, and the winner was Free Soft Rt. In addition to the technological content, the proposal was also selected because of closely matching the cooperation between Marcali and the small region, which they would like to further strengthen by their common IT strategy. The project which lays the foundation of e-government in this region can form a sample solution for other small regions and larger cities. 

The HUF 370 million worth project will be implemented by FreeSoft's Document Management and Collaboration division, which has already achieved significant success in governmental projects with its system-based, problem solving approach. Their references include the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Economy and Transport, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Water, IT Információs Társadalom Kht., and the Somogy County Local Government.


Further information:
Ibolya Domak
Marketing and PR Director
[email protected]
06/30 9 226 675

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