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4iG Plc. Miscellaneous Announcement

on the document covering the Company’s Q1 2019 activity

4iG Plc. (registered seat: H-1037 Budapest, Montevideo Street 8, registered by the Budapest Metropolitan Court as Court of Registration under reg. no. 01-10-044993 “Company”) hereby informs participants of the financial and capital market that the paragraph concerning the share split in Section 10.2 on the Company's annual General Meeting of 25.04.2019 (page 19-20) in the document "INTERIM MANAGEMENT REPORT ON THE COMPANY'S Q1 2019 ACTIVITY" published on 17 May 2019 (“Report”) contains the following numerical and factual data correctly in accordance with the General Meeting Resolution 12/2019. (IV.25.) of the General Meeting:

"The General Meeting resolved – in view of the increase in the price of the shares issued by the Company since the last share split on 05 October 2018 – to modify the structure of the current share capital of the Company consisting of 18,800,000, that is eighteen million eight hundred thousand pieces of Series 'A' ordinary share with a nominal value of HUF 100, that is one hundred Hungarian forints, each, after which modification – by means of dividing the nominal value of the ordinary shares issued by the Company to five equal parts of 1/5 that is one fifth, each – the Company’s share capital shall (without its total amount being changed) consist of 94,000,000 that is ninety-four million pieces of ordinary share with a nominal value of HUF 20 that is twenty Hungarian forints, each.

As a result of the conversion, each ordinary share of a nominal value of HUF 100 that is one hundred Hungarian forints shall be replaced by 5 that is five pieces of ordinary share with a nominal value of HUF 20 that is twenty Hungarian forints. The conversion will not affect the total amount of the Company’s share capital or the other rights attached to Series A shares, i.e. the total nominal value of Series A shares shall remain the same, and the relevant amendment to the Articles of Association will make sure that the proportions of voting rights attached to the shares will remain the same also after the conversion."

Budapest, 22 May 2019
4iG Plc.


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