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4iG Plc. Extraordinary Information

Termination of the Contract of the Standing Auditor

4iG Public Limited Company (1037 Budapest, Montevideo St. 8., Reg. no.: 01 10 044993, hereinafter: the Company) meeting its obligation set out in Article 55 of Act CXX of 2001 on the Capital Market and according to the provisions of Schedule 4 of Order 24/2008. (VIII. 15.) of the Minister of Finance on the Detailed Rules of Disclosure Obligations related to Publicly Traded Securities, hereby inform participants of money and capital markets as follows.

MANTAX Auditing and Consulting Limited Liability Company (registered seat: 1034 Budapest, San Marco St. building A. Floor 1 Door 1., Reg. no.: 01 09 563031, Chamber membership No: 000870, auditor personally responsible for the audit: Győző Czene registered auditor, chamber registration number No.: 000140), which was appointed by the Company at its General Meeting of 24 April 2014 to be the Company’s standing auditor for a fixed period of 3 years starting from 24 April 2014, but at the latest until the date of approving the fiscal year 2016 financial statements prepared pursuant to the Accounting Act, have terminated their contract made with the Company for auditing the fiscal years 2014-2016 in their notice of 30 October 2015 with the effective date of 31 October 2015 and at the same time revoked their letter of acceptance of 24 April 2014. The Company has received the above notice signed by MANTAX LLC’s authorized representative on 3 November 2015. The auditor justified the termination of contract and the revocation of the auditor’s letter of acceptance by health reasons.

Budapest, 4 November 2015
4iG Plc.


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