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János Keresztesi was reelected as the board-member of the IVSZ

The Hungarian Association of IT Companies (IVSZ) reelected Mr. János Keresztesi, the CEO of FreeSoft Plc., as the member of the board.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Hungarian Association of IT Companies (IVSZ) reelected Mr. János Keresztesi, the CEO of FreeSoft Plc., as the member of the board. At its General Meeting on the 12th of April 2007, the IVSZ elected the new members of the board and adjusted their Constitution under the Agenda of the AGM. Zoltán Kovács announced the leaving of the CEO, Péter Morenth, whose successor will be Péter Gögge from the 2nd of May 2007. Due to the modification of the Constitution he will have larger responsibility and will lead the Association as General Secretary.

The member of the new board:

President: Zoltán Kovács, (Kirowski Co., CEO)
Vice Presidents:
Head of Multinational Companies Division: Péter Füzes, Oracle Hungary Ltd., MD
Head of Telecommunications Division: Géza Szathmári, GTS Datanet Ltd., MD
Head of Large Companies Division: Tamás Laufer, Racionet Co., President
Head of Small and Medium Companies Division: István Tuska, Axico Inform. Ltd, MD
Head of Micro and Start-up Companies Division: Szabolcs Kátai, Stella Polaris Ltd., MD

Members of the IVSZ Board, area of responsibilities:

Software Engineering and Innovation: Balázs Vinnai Dr., IND Ltd., MD
National/Local market, hardware and software retailers: János Keresztesi, FreeSoft Plc., CEO
International market, hardware and software retailers: Tamás Szittya, Novell Mo. Ltd., MD
IT Services: István Juhász, Grepton Informatikai Co., CEO
Online Services: Péter Dorogi, e-ware Ltd., MD
National Development Plan: Imre Takács, AQUIS Informatika Co., president

Members of the IVSZ Board, responsible for operational areas:

IT Sector development: Imre K. Szabó, Megatrend Co., CEO
IVSZ operational matters: Donát Magyari, SAP Hungary Ltd., EU programmer
Market Expansion: József Gacsal, Intel Hungary Ltd.., business development director
Membership expansion: Jenő Bartalos, Bartalos Informatikai Bt., MD

The 15 years old IVSZ is the organization of interest protection and representation of the Hungarian ICT companies. The mission of IVSZ is to influence in a positive way the development of the national information society by working out market niche and doing dynamic lobby activity. Besides of its Hungarian activity, IVSZ is represented amongs the board members of the association of information technology of European Union (EICTA), therefore IVSZ could ensures the active interest of its members in the EU. With the help of the their lobby activity and application in Brussels, IVSZ may advance the knowledge expansion on the Hungarian IKT market. IVSZ, with its active communication, tries to take its members into the life of the association and in the efficient work of the community.

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