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eFestival First Place

The Online Libri Book Realm developed by FreeSoft Plc. took the first place on the eFestival in electronic trade category.

On the 2007 eFestival the Online Libri Book Realm developed by the Online Division of FreeSoft Plc. was honoured with the first prize in electronic trade category.

The vocational jury itself acknowledged that the clear, user-friendly design and the high level functionality of the website is exemplary in Hungary. Not only comfortable shopping  is there to attract the visitors, but a number of extra services are provided to help them, such as " those who bought also bought" or the purchase monitoring with the connecting personalised reading lists on the main page. In addition to this the partner program launched on the site, which makes possible for other websites to distribute the products of Libri in a commission system, enjoys a high popularity.

It is a great pleasure, as well as a professional challenge to work together with an innovative a company as Libri Book Trade Ltd. We are confident that more and more customers will choose the modern electronic trade solutions over the traditional ones, thus raising the standards of domestic webstores and spreading the acceptance of online shopping

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