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FreeSoft has become the Enterprise of the Year

FreeSoft has become "Enterprise of the year 2006" in the category of medium size company at the choice of The Hungarian Venture Capital Association.

The Hungarian Venture Capital Association (HVCA) has given out the Enterprise of the Year Award also in this year. This award which is already donated for nine years express the acknowledgement of venture equity industry to supereminent economic achievement extending domestic enterprises whose business model may be exemplary to other Hungarian enterprises. November 21, 2006, on the eve of Ninth Annual Conference the HVCA has given Enterprise of the Year Award on the award ceremony.

Enterprise of the Year Award 2006

"HVCA express venture equity industry regards to FreeSoft Plc. Within the candidates in midsized corporation category this home corporation embodied most of all in 2006 the enterprising, strategy thinking and the effort for innovation and evolution.

By instance of award-winning we can follow with attention that the management recognized and exploited the market's growing opportunity's and its effectives could show instance to other home-corporations as well."

The adjudication of the award attended the following merits:

  • The leading and operation of the corporation found enterprising or not, ambition for value creation, long-distance business approach and an appropriateness for success.
  • The company's chief management's leading, strategy and management ability.
  • The quality of the business strategy, and its suitable enterprise leading system and systemic set-up, the recognition of and profiting from the growing opportunities, and estimate the effectiveness and potential reference with the venture equity.
  • -The equity allotment, first of all venture and private equity, for some shape of company's dynamic developing.
  • -The enterprise's economic achievement and industry role, its efficiency and message towards other enterprises.

Budapest, 22.11.2006.

FreeSoft Plc.

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