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4iG Plc.'s Quality Assurance Policy

4iG Plc.'s key activities, such as software development and support, and selling software licenses are supported by an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance system certified by SGS Hungária.

It is the company's quality assurance policy to exceed the average quality in the market both in the areas of development and of services, assisting our customers to achieve their business objectives. For that purpose:

  • We continuously monitor our customers' needs. We meet these needs with functionally appropriate products which work accurately, efficiently and in a secure manner. We keep deadlines and flexibly adjust to customers' additional needs which emerge during work.
  • Our activities are controlled by a Quality Assurance system which provides efficient tracking of all procedures. Management decisions are based on facts which are derived from the operation of the system. The system is continuously reviewed and corrected as necessary. We keep track of the applicable laws and standards on a daily basis.
  • We continuously check the quality parameters of our products. When discrepancies arise, causes are identified, and immediate countermeasures are taken to eliminate them.
  • Our colleagues receive regular trainings; manufacturing tools are continuously upgraded and maintained on schedule. We employ reliable, regularly reviewed suppliers.
  • We regularly measure the satisfaction among our customers, and the results are used to improve our Quality Management system.

Budapest, May 19, 2011
Ilona Eck
Chief Executive Officer


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