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FreeSoft Rt. received the Oracle Applications Special Award

FreeSoft Rt. won the ORACLE APPLICATIONS SPECIAL AWARD for the financial year 2005.

This year the following six of the 160 Hungarian Oracle partners were given the Oracle Partner Award: FreeSoft Rt., Flexiton Kft., Breona Kft., Albacomp Rt., Konzorcia Kft., Syntact Kft.

4iG személyi változás

Other Information of 4iG Plc.

Voting rights and the amount of share capital at 4iG Plc. as of 31 October 2020…

4iG egyéb tájékoztatás

Extraordinary Announcement of 4iG PLC

Own share transaction…

4iG Szavazati jogok

Extraordinary Announcement of 4iG PLC

closing the transaction of the majority ownership in INNObyte Group…