The management of 4iG Plc., has regarded the preparation for the pandemic, the development of responses and security procedures and their implementation at our Company as a strategic task.


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Extraordinary Notice of 4iG Plc.

on the short term and medium term objectives of 4iG Plc. in respect of the year of 2020

4iG Public Limited Company (registered seat: 8 Montevideo Street HU-1037 Budapest, company registration number: 01 10 044993, hereinafter: the “4iG Plc.”), hereby informs its Esteemed Investors as well as the participants of the financial and capital market that today (on 3 March 2020) 4iG Plc. publishes – as an annex to the present Extraordinary Notice – 4iG Plc’s investor disclosure in which 4iG Plc. present its income statement overview relating to the year of 2019, as well as its short term and medium term objectives in respect of the year of 2020, as follows:

  1. 4iG Plc.’s goal is to become the No. 1 IT system integrator in the Hungarian IT market, within the next two years.
  2. 4iG Plc. expects an outstandingly successful year of 2020, as the contracted revenue 23 bn HUF (compared to 11 bn HUF contracted revenue in February 2019 for the financial year of 2019)
  3. As regards the planned growth rate of 4iG Plc.
    • 20%+ growth is expected in 2020, while
    • similarly dynamic average annual growth rate beyond 2020
    • the above-mentioned growth expectations are organic and the planned acquisitions can increase further
  4. 4iG Plc. targets an 8-10% EBITDA margin in the medium term (2-3 years).
  5. 4iG Plc. aims the payment of dividend based on the results of the year of 2019, on which the Shareholders’ Meeting will decide in April 2020 based on the proposal of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.

4iG Plc. furthermore draws the attention of its Esteemed Investors, as well as the participants of the financial and capital market to the fact that the abovementioned investor disclosure relating to 4iG Plc.’s objectives in respect of the year of 2020 shall not qualify either as an ‘investment recommendation’ or an ‘investment analysis’ as set forth under section 5 subsection (1) point 9 of Act No. CXX of 2001 on the Capital Market and section 4 subsection (2) point 8 of Act No. CXXXVIII of 2007 on Investment Firms and Commodity Dealers, and on the Regulations Governing their Activities, therefore, it shall not qualify as an analysis, proposal or any other information relating to the financial instruments and/or exchange-traded instruments of 4iG Plc., or to the 4iG Plc. itself, that is suitable to influence the investors’ decisions. The disclosure contains 4iG Plc.’s objectives in respect of the year of 2020 based on the results of 4iG Plc. in the year of 2019. 4iG Plc. reserves the right to modify its abovementioned objectives in line with the economic processes in the future, therefore it fully excludes its liability in respect of the objectives indicated in the present notice.

Budapest, March 3 , 2020
4iG Plc.


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