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Extraordinary Notice – Owner’s Announcement

Joint notification and announcement by 4iG Plc. and shareholder KONZUM PE Private Equity Fund concerning the change of voting rights

4iG Plc. (H-1037 Budapest, Montevideo Street 8., Reg. No.: 01 10 044993, hereinafter: ‘the Company’) and KONZUM PE Private Equity Fund (seat: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy Road 59., registration number: 6122-44, tax number: 18755561-1-42, statistical code: 18755561-6430-915-01, fund manager: Konzum Investment Fund Management Private Limited Company), as the Company’s shareholder, in compliance with the provisions of Section 61 of Act CXX of 2001 on the Capital Market (‘Tpt.’) and according to the provisions of Annex 4 of Decree 24/2008. (VIII. 15.) of the Ministry of Finance on the Detailed Rules of Disclosure Obligations related to Publicly Traded Securities, hereby inform participants of the money and capital market as follows.

KONZUM PE Private Equity Fund as the Company’s shareholder purchased 177,532 pieces of 4iG ordinary share with a nominal value of HUF 1,000 each (ISIN: HU0000071030) on 1 and 2 October 2018 under a stock-exchange transaction as a result of which the number of its voting shares increased to 838,937 pieces and thus its voting rights in the Company increased from 35.18% to 44.62% thus exceeding the 40 percent threshold set forth in Subsection (3) of Section 61 of the Tpt.

Budapest, 03 October 2018
4iG Plc. and KONZUM PE Private Equity Fund


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