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Extraordinary Notice – Owners’ Announcement

4iG Nyrt. and shareholder Tief Terra Kft.
joint notification and announcement
change in voting rights

4iG Nyrt. (8 Montevideo Street, Budapest, 1037, Reg. No.: 01 10 044993, hereinafter: “the Company”) and Tief Terra Kft (1 Széchenyi Square, Nagykőrös, 2750, Reg. No.: 13 09 128637), shareholder of the Company, in compliance with the provisions of Act CXX of 2001 on the Capital Market and according to the provisions of Annex 4 of Decree 24/2008. (VIII. 15.) of the Ministry of Finance on the Detailed Rules of Disclosure Obligations related to Publicly Traded Securities, hereby inform participants of the money and capital market as follows.

On this day of the 28th of January, 2015, Tief Terra Kft. sold in an OTC transaction 33,333 pieces of ordinary share issued by the Company with a nominal value of HUF 1,000 each to Board member of the Company, Mr. István Fehér (mother’s name: Erzsébet Klára Nagy, resident at 4 Remény Street Szentendre, 2000). As a result of the sale and purchase transaction, Tief Terra Kft.’s voting right held in the Company has decreased from 10.64% (200,000 pieces of ordinary share representing 10.64% of the share capital) to 8.87% (166,667 pieces of ordinary share representing 8.87% of the share capital).

Budapest, 28 January 2015

4iG Nyrt. and Tief Terra Kft.

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