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Disclosure of Ownership

Joint information about changes of ownership by FreeSoft Plc. and Antal Illés

FreeSoft Plc. (1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 8.) and Antal Illés (member of FreeSoft Plc.'s Board of Directors) jointly inform the participants of the financial and capital market that at 9th September 2009 Antal Illés has sold 12.000 FreeSoft shares on average price of HUF 2.239 on the stock exchange assisted by Concorde Securities Co. As result of this transaction his voting rights has changed as follows (no crossing 5% threshold):

Direct ownership of Antal Illés decreased from 185.000 shares to 173.500 shares. Voting rights has changed from 9,87% to 9,23%. Direct ownership of his wife, Csilla Illésné Szabad unchanged, 33.284 shares (1,77 %). The family's direct and indirect ownership in FreeSoft Plc. decreased from 218.784 shares to  206.784  shares, their voting rights decreased from 11,64% to 11,00%.



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