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Extraordinary notice

The Announcement of FreeSoft's acquisition. FreeSoft Plc. acquired 100% of HUMANsoft Ltd.

FreeSoft Plc. (1117. Budapest, Neumann J. u. 1/c.) informs the participant of the financial and capital market that: FreeSoft Plc. acquired 100% of HUMANsoft Ltd. .

FreeSoft signed an agreement to acquire 100% of systems integration specialist Humansoft. The transaction will take the form of a swap, with Humansoft shareholders to acquire new FreeSoft shares of HUF 335 million nominal value, currently worth HUF 928 million at the stock market.

Simultaneously with the acquisition of new shares swapped in exchange for his majority stake in Humansoft, Antal Illés signed an option to purchase another 235,000 FreeSoft shares from the latter's five founding shareholders. The deal is an American option open until May 31, 2010. Assuming that Illés exercises the option to its full extent, his stake in FreeSoft will grow to 554,000 shares (31%), with a combined stake of 590.000 shares (33%) held by former Humansoft shareholders Antal Illés and Csilla Illés Szabad together.

The book value of Humansoft was HUF 1,095 million at the time of the transaction. In agreement with Antal Illés and Csilla Illés Szabad, the management set the value of the company as a swapped asset at HUF 887.5 million.

The trading of FreeSoft shares is suspended at the Budapest Stock Exchange this morning until 12:00, at which time the company is expected to make an announcement.

Budapest, 29. October 2007.

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