The management of 4iG Plc., has regarded the preparation for the pandemic, the development of responses and security procedures and their implementation at our Company as a strategic task.


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Extraordinary Notice

Registration of fusion of two subsidiaries

FreeSoft Plc. (1117. Budapest, Neumann János u. 1/c.) hereby informs the participants of the financial and capital market that Registry Court has registered fusion with complete succession of its 100% subsidiary, AXIS Számítástechnikai Kft. (AXIS Information Technology Ltd., 8000 Székesfehérvár Móricz Zs. u. 14; Corp. Reg. No.: 07-09-002289; share capital: HUF 30 million)  to AXIS Consulting 2000 Kft. (AXIS Consulting 2000 Ltd. - 8000 Székesfehérvár, Móricz Zs. u. 14; Corp. Reg. No.: 07-09-008333 ; share capital: HUF 41 million), thus it has become effective.

Furthermore, after liquidation of the company, Registry Court removed from the commercial register Sybase Kft. (Sybase Ltd. - 1117. Budapest, Neumann János u. 1/c.; Corp. Reg. No: 01-09-701146) being in 91% AXIS Számítástechnikai Kft. (AXIS Information Technology Ltd.) ownership.

FreeSoft Plc.'s ownership in AXIS Consulting 2000 Ltd. is 99.54%.

03.07.2006, Budapest                                 FreeSoft Plc.

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