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Extraordinary Announcement of 4iG PLC

large amounts of the winning bid

4iG PLC hereby informs its esteemed investors as well as the participants of the financial and capital market that the offer of the 4iG PLC has been announced as winning offer of the public procurement procedure entitled „Development of adult education programs” announced by the KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Non-profit Ltd.

The referenced public procurement procedure is implemented from the GINOP-6.1.9-18-2018-00001 source with the aim of developing, piloting and testing digital study materials, as well as providing related services.

The value of the offer is HUF 2,360,700,000 + VAT.

Expiry date of the contract moratorium: October 5rd, 2020

Budapest, September 28rd, 2020


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Extraordinary Announcement of 4iG PLC

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Extraordinary Announcement of 4iG PLC

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