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on the successful project of Mensor3D Ltd, a member of the Group

4iG Plc’s subsidiary Mensor3D Ltd has processed all the currently known pieces of the Seuso Treasure using digital technology.

Mensor3D has joined the project aimed at studying, preserving and documenting the Seuso Treasure. The cooperation project with the researchers of the Hungarian National Museum set the goal to survey and document the current condition of the treasure using state-of-the-art imaging techniques and make it available to other researchers for virtual studying and to the public at large for viewing the artefacts. The procedure included 3D scanning of the pieces of the treasure which resulted in three-dimensional models that reveal all the tiny details of the silver objects.

To create a photo-realistic model of all objects, more than 1000 photos have been used. The high-resolution models created by Mensor3D enable us to visually inspect the pieces without moving or touching them, and without any limitation in time and location.

Through the technology used, Mensor3D has created models that can be placed in any virtual environment. The 3D model reacts to lighting conditions and reflects light exactly the same way as in real life, which provides an entirely new, special experience for the public.

In addition to recording the current condition of the artefacts, it has also become possible to demonstrate how the various pieces of the Seuso Treasure worked during their use. The technology enables scientists to re-coat worn surfaces and to remove cracks and scratches. Besides reconstruction, 3D scanning also enables researchers to model the missing pieces, roll out the cylindrical object or animate the scenes depicted on it.

Budapest, 15 January 2018

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