The management of 4iG Plc., has regarded the preparation for the pandemic, the development of responses and security procedures and their implementation at our Company as a strategic task.


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Extraordinary notice

FreeSoft is subcontractor in a succesful public procurement tender.

FreeSoft Plc. (1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 8.)  informs its investors and the participants of the financial and capital market on a succesful public procurement tender won by Funkwerk IT GmbH., and that FreeSoft Plc. was chosen as a subcontractor in the project.

MÁV Co. (1087 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 54-56.) announced the result of the public procurement tender issued under TED 2009/S 9-012005 identification number. Successful tenderer of public procurement tender on "Implementation of MÁV Co.'s traffic control IT system" is Funkwerk Information Technologies GmbH. (Kiel, Germany), whose subcontractor to perform the contract exceeding more than 10% of the original value of the public procurement is FreeSoft Plc.

Within the framework of the project of a year and a half, in accordance with the relevant requirements of Union law on the interoperability, to serve the multi-player rail transport market an overall information technology system will be implemented to support traffic control for all trains on MÁV Co.'s complete infrastructure. After the succesful completion of this project the task will be monitoring the user program system developed and providing technical support for another year. The fee of the tender selected is HUF 932.823.201 + VAT; FreeSoft will have about 20% of the undertaking, and about one third of it will be realized in the financial year of 2010.



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