The management of 4iG Plc., has regarded the preparation for the pandemic, the development of responses and security procedures and their implementation at our Company as a strategic task.


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FreeSoft Plc. and 'Szent István' University's Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences concluded agreement.

FreeSoft Plc. (1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 8.) informs its investors and the participants of the financial and capital market that FreeSoft Plc. concluded agreement with 'Szent István' University's Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (SZIU-FESS).

This morning Ilona Eck, Chief Executive Officer of FreeSoft Plc. and László Villányi, Dean of 'Szent István' University's Faculty of Economicsand Social Sciences signed solemnly the cooperation agreement of FreeSoft and SZIU-FESS. The objective of cooperation is joint utilization of knowledge and experience of SZIU-FESS' teachers and researchers, providing high-level educational and scientific background support for Freesoft Group. It will be possible to work together in gradual and postgradual training, in methodological and research activity, and raising the standard of teaching, fulfiling training and qualification needs to contribute the development and efficient operation of both the faculty and the company as well.

It increases the importance of cooperation that according to surveys one of the most serious problems of the Hungarian higher education is the lack of connection between the higher education and the business sector. However this joint work will merge the knowledge of succesful players of the two sectors. On the one hand the knowledge of a highly successful company, the Freesoft that changed with hard work of two decades from a small firm employing only a dozen person to such an information technology, system-integrator company which can compete with multinational companies. On the other hand SZIU-FESS, that is one of the most dinamically developing university faculties of Hungary, nowadays mentioned as one of the first five faculties, providing outstanding training and scientific activity in economic and social sciences.

Using the agreement students of SZIU-FESS - beside the high quality theoretical education - will get practical information from professional experiences acquired in the operation of a succesful company, and it will significantly increase marketability of their diploma, making adequate employment easier. Joint research will result succesful, not only of theoretical value, but commercially usable patents. Practical use of these patents may increase business efficiency of FreeSoft and scientific reputation of SZIU-FESS. In connection to this field Freesoft Group launched tangible research projects in the (IK)2 Innovative Industries Research Centre of the Faculty.

Agreement means joint social role as well, because SZIU-FESS and FreeSoft contribute to the development of knowledge-based society; SZIU-FESS will do it with excellent educational and scientific activity and recognition of the extreme importance of knowledge and value making work in the beginning of the third Millennium; FreeSoft Group will support universities to give special business-related education for students and will contribute dissemination of open source softwares.


                                                                             FreeSoft Plc.               SZIU-FESS


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