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Extraordinary notice

FreeSoft Plc.’s subsidiary Axis Rendszerház Ltd. as winner of a public procurement tender signed frame contracts with Central Services Directorate General.

FreeSoft Plc. (Hungary 1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 8) informs the participants of the financial and capital market that the Central Services Directorate General (KSZF, 1055 Budapest, Kossuth tér 2-4) announced the result of the public procurement tender for purchasing, expansion, completion, extension, and change of database management software licenses and its development tools for various development platforms and performing related services. KSZF signed a frame contract for a total allocation of 10 billion HUF with the winners. FreeSoft Plc.'s subsidiary Axis Rendszerház Ltd. is amongst the members of the winner consortiums.

Axis Rendszerház Ltd. as the member of the consortium has signed two frame contracts with KSZF for the following partial deliveries:

Partial delivery No1: IBM database platform

Consortiums: Systrend Co., Professzionál Co., USER rendszerház Ltd.,

Axis Rendszerház. Ltd., SCALE Solutions Ltd., IFUA Horváth&Partners Ltd.

Partial delivery No.2:  ORACLE database platform

Consortiums: Delta Informatikai Co., Albacomp RI Ltd., Axis Rendszerház Ltd., M&S Informatikai Co., SDA Stúdió Ltd., Tigra Computer és Irodatechnikai Ltd.., WIT_SYS Consulting Co.



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