Cookie policy

Cookie policy


These cookies mainly ensure the proper functioning of the website. Moreover, they can be used for analytical measurements and for displaying advertisements on the website.


These cookies enable us to show you advertisements that are relevant to your interests.


Recommended setting. These cookies enable us to display or send you personalized content and advertisements by analyzing the website usage, and upgrade our services by using such analyses.

To make full use of the website with all of its convenience functions, we recommend you to set “Convenience cookies”. Cookie settings can be changed at any time in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge) too.

You can read the privacy policy of HUMANsoft Ltd. here.

This setting enables the following functions:

  • Secure log-in, remembering login information
  • Remembering the process of tasks, transactions
  • Web analytics for statistical purposes
  • Displaying advertisements on the website

This setting does NOT enable the following functions:

  • Sending a notification about products in the cart
  • Displaying advertisements that are relevant to your interests (remarketing) outside the website (e.g. on social media sites)
  • Analyzing website usage for the purpose of displaying customized content on the website
  • Using the website usage analyses and activities measured on the HUMANsoft Ltd. websites to send you personalized offers via the contact details you have provided (if you have provided such contact details e.g. during registration)
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