Mensor3D Ltd.

Established: 2014.

Merger into 4iG Plc: December 2018

Mensor3D Ltd., a subsidiary of Humansoft Ltd., is specialised in the application of 3D technologies in architecture, engineering, logistics, industry, cultural heritage protection, and in other areas (e.g. health care, film industry), and their research and development.

Scope of activities:

Three-dimensional precision assessments and related services, making it possible to create the necessary digital models, videos and analyses needed by the customer. By creating the surface and environment model, posterior, millimetre accuracy inspections and planning are possible based on the processed assessment data, which can even be made available online, in real time, and can be part of the development and operation of a more complex system, including Industry 4.0, Smart City, PropTech, Safety&Security, or autonomous vehicle solutions.

Main application areas:

  • historic preservation, archaeology, cultural heritage protection
  • architecture and facility management (planning, inspection and monitoring in construction, building operation, and property management)
  • industrial application (vehicle, machine and tool production, logistics, Industry 4.0)
  • oil and gas pipeline inspection
  • reverse engineering (engineering reconstruction decoding)
  • disaster recovery
  • justice (court processes, investigation, fire inspection, expert activities support)
  • services (quality assurance, touristic development)

Axis Rendszerház Ltd.

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Humansoft Ltd.

Humansoft Ltd., founded 30 years ago, served their clients with a comprehensive IT product and services portfolio.