Ethical Code

The Ethical Code constitutes an integral part of the company management regulations of the 4iG Group. It has been drawn up to offer the employees an ethical code that provides a consolidated summary of the values, principles and ethical standards adopted and prescribed by the 4iG Group, along with the rules of behaviour and conduct they are expected to observe.

The objective of the Code is to offer the employees guidelines and instructions in order to encourage their total compliance with the working rules, regulate their behaviour in their internal and external relations, and help them identify the appropriate conduct for each situation.

The 4iG Group requires all of its employees to know the Ethical Code and observe the principles contained therein.

By publishing the present Ethical Code, the 4iG Group shall manifest to the wider public that it wishes to carry out its business activity in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, to observe the ethical standards and have them observed.


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