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4iG Plc. Extraordinary Announcement - 2022.08.17.-2

Investor Relations


Extraordinary Announcement of 4iG Plc.

On decisions of the Board of Directors regarding the organizational restructuring

4iG Public Limited Company (“4iG”) hereby informs the participants of the capital market that the Board of Directors of 4iG has decided to transform the strategic, business and operational management of the company group on 17th of August 2022, the purpose of which is to coordinate business and integration processes, as well as more effectively support the telecommunications and IT divisions.

Within the framework of the above organizational restructuring, the following modifications will take place:

1.       Strategic and operational management will be separated, thereby the positions of Chairman and CEO will also be separated, with Gellért Jászai, the 4iG Group’s majority shareholder, continuing to lead the Group’s strategy as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

2.       Péter Fekete, the CEO of the Group, and Aladin Linczényi, the Vice Chairman of the Board, will support the Chairman and provide the operational management of 4iG Group.

3.       Business and operational processes at 4iG Group level are managed by László Blénessy, Deputy CEO for General Business Affairs, and by Gábor Tomcsányi, Deputy CEO for General Business Operations.

4.       The 4iG Group’s finance is managed by Csaba Thurzó, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, the IT division by Tamás Tápai, Deputy CEO for the IT division, and the telecommunications area by István Király, Deputy CEO for Telecommunications.

5.       To support the preparation of strategic decisions, a Chairman’s Cabinet will be established, headed by Dr Kinga Skultéthy.

The changes will be made to the Organisational and Operational Rules of 4iG by 01st of September 2022.

Budapest, 17th August, 2022

4iG Plc.