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4iG group to strengthen its strategic and operational management


Press release

4iG group to strengthen its strategic and operational management

The Board has decided on a new corporate governance structure due to its increased responsibilities and the size of the Group

  • Strategic and operational management will be separated, thereby the positions of Chairman and CEO will also be separated, with Gellért Jászai, the Group’s majority shareholder, continuing to lead the Group’s strategy as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Péter Fekete, the CEO of the Group, and Aladin Linczényi, the Vice Chairman of the Board, will support the Chairman and provide the operational management of 4iG Group.
  • Business and operational processes at 4iG Group level are managed by László Blénessy, Deputy CEO for General Business Affairs, and by Gábor Tomcsányi, Deputy CEO for General Business Operations.
  • The Group’s finance is managed by Csaba Thurzó, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, the IT division by Tamás Tápai, Deputy CEO for the IT division, and the telecommunications area by István Király, Deputy CEO for Telecommunications.
Jászai Gellért

4iG Plc, a leading infocommunications group in Hungary and the region, is creating a new organisation by 1 September with the aim of making its operational management processes and business operations more efficient. The new corporate governance model will underpin 4iG’s growth plans, the integration processes of its telecommunications and IT divisions, as well as the identification and implementation of synergies between the companies. In the Group’s business, strategic and financial operations, ownership control is more firmly embedded in the subsidiaries in the highlighted key areas. In the new model, operational management will serve the Group’s business interests more effectively through its economies of scale and concentration of information and expertise.

The positions of Chairman and CEO will be separated. The majority owner of 4iG Plc, Gellért Jászai, will be the Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors and will be responsible for the strategy of the capital markets company, while the new CEO of the Group, Péter Fekete, who has been appointed by Gellért Jászai, will be responsible for the operational management of the Group, and will also have direct control over the acquisition processes and capital markets areas. The strategic business processes of the Telecoms and IT divisions will be led by Aladin Linczényi, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, who will also be closely involved in operational decision-making processes in cooperation with the CEO. To support the preparation of strategic decisions, a Chairman’s Cabinet will be established, headed by Dr Kinga Skultéthy.

“In line with our acquisition strategy, we have been consciously building and expanding 4iG Group over the past years. As a result, we have acquired numerous large companies with significant capabilities, combining highly complementary key competencies in the sector, currently employing 6,200 people in 3 countries and comprising 16 major member companies. A key element of our operating strategy is to ensure that our member companies not only perform well individually, but also as a Group, and with greater efficiency in terms of business performance, supporting our continued dynamic growth”,
said Gellért Jászai, Chairman of the Group.

Budapest, 17th August 2022

Background information:

The Budapest-based 4iG Plc is Hungary’s leading IT systems integrator with significant interests in the domestic and regional infocommunications markets. The company has been present in the market for innovative industry-independent IT technologies for more than 27 years. The company is continuously expanding its services and portfolio to meet the changing needs and demands of the ICT market. The Group employs nearly 6,200 people. 4iG is a broad-spectrum solutions provider with significant interests in IT, telecommunications, satellite telecommunications and telecommunications infrastructure development. The company, listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, aims to build a dominant market position in a wide range of infocommunications services in Hungary, Central Eastern Europe, and the Western Balkans.

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